Unusual Ideas for a Baby Shower Gift

If you have a baby shower coming up, think about giving an unusual baby shower gift. With a little time and creativity, you can go beyond the usual blankets and bottles and find something that really stands out

Financial gifts like bonds, or a savings account, are ideas, but it's possible to make a financial gift more personal. If the child is going to daycare, find out if gift certificates for the facility are available, or pay for some of the tuition in advance. For stay at home babies, check out local community centers, or other educational programs, in the area where the parents live. Pay for the cost of a "Mommy and Me" class for new babies and parents.

Parents love photos of their new babies and can never have too many! A photo album is a good gift, but can be a bit common. Consider getting the parents a new camera or camcorder. Hire a photographer to take pictures of the baby, or an artist to draw or paint baby's portrait.

If the parents haven't picked out a name, give a book of baby names that lists names along with their meanings and origins. It's a simple, useful gift that is often overlooked.

Give a sampling of baby foods. When its time for the baby to start eating food, the parents will have a variety of food to try so they can find out what baby likes best. Most baby food, when unopened, lasts for a long time. Check the date on the jars to be sure.

Music CDs to sooth babies are another gift that many people don't think of, but they can really be useful. Choose one specifically created for babies, or just get some soothing classical music or nature sounds.

Another unusual gift is a set of mommy calling cards. Like business cards, they list the mom's name and contact information and the names of her children. They're useful for handing out at the park and at other activities.

If you enjoy crafts, you can probably apply your talent to creating a baby gift that is very personal and one of a kind. Crochet a blanket, create a scrapbook, or make a lamp or plate from ceramics or clay.

To come up with more unusual gift ideas, think about the parents' hobbies and interests. If you are a parent yourself, remember things you had that made taking care of your baby easier. Chances are you can come up with the perfect, out of the ordinary gift idea.