A Baby Shower Gift to Get Baby Around

Strollers are essential to have for the first few years. There are strollers available from the time baby is brand new until they are around four years old. Some strollers have a three-in-one set-up, where a car seat, carrier, and stroller go together. The carrier locks into the stroller until the newborn is old enough to hold his head and body up. As the baby gets older, he can sit in the stroller and be pushed through the mall, store, or anywhere. These types of strollers also have baskets underneath for baby items.

Basic umbrella baby strollers are nice, inexpensive, and usually lightweight, but they don't work for infants; the baby has to be able to hold themselves up. It is great from around six months or so. Umbrella strollers can come with a little canopy and a little basket underneath. They are very basic and just for a quick trip around the neighborhood.

If you want a little cozier but still not super expensive, you can get one that is adjustable. Again, probably not best to use for a baby under six months or a baby who can't hold half of his body weight - but it can still work. It has adjustable straps in the back that allow the seat to recline far back to help baby not have to hold himself up as much, or so that it can nap comfortably. Some of these strollers have an optional drink carrier.

Most of these strollers have at least a simple shelf underneath. They also have other features like an adjustable handle that can be raised to accommodate a taller person. Many strollers have a foot rest for older babies and a bag or netting bag attached. The wheels can be lockable, and there can be a removable bar that goes across the front.

Strollers come in a variety of colors, styles, and designs. Some are navy blue and tan, green, purple, and deep burgundy. These are relatively unisex and make a great gift for a baby shower.