How to Personalize a Baby Shower Gift

Adding personalization to a baby shower gift will be meaningful to the new parents and will really make an impression. How personalized you get depends on whether the name and sex of the baby have been determined when the baby shower takes place. If you know the name, there are plenty of gifts that can be inscribed, or monogrammed.

Silver items are traditional and classy: spoons, cups, banks, picture frames, comb and brush sets, and rattles, to name a few. These can be pricey, and are a good choice for parents who already have basic baby items.

Items that are more useful can be personalized, too. Baby blankets, bibs, diaper bags, diaper covers, and pajamas are some examples. Toys like name puzzles make great decorations in a baby's room until the child is old enough to play with them. Wall decorations are also a good choice. Many Internet and local retailers offer posters, pictures, and frames that can be imprinted with the baby's name.

New parents love to see and celebrate their new baby's name, so a gift that displays the baby's name will really be appreciated. If the baby doesn't have a name yet, you can personalize by gender. Choose clothing and bedding in traditional pink and purple for girls, blue and green for boys. Other items that are available in traditional baby colors include photo albums, plates, toys, and décor.

If you'd rather be gender neutral there are still plenty of personalized gifts to choose from. Some ideas: a scrap book, photo album, or baby journal that the parents can fill out after the baby is born, or a growth chart with inserts for photos.

Another idea is a kit to capture the baby's hand or foot prints. Some of these kits include a frame, while others are made into an ornament that can be hung. To complete the project, the parents just press the baby's hand or foot into the clay, and then allow the clay to dry.

Modern technology makes gift personalization easy to find and affordable. You can find stores that offer engraving, printing and embroidery services locally and on the Internet. If you are skilled at embroidery, painting or graphic design, save money by personalizing a gift yourself.