Natural and Environmentally Friendly Baby Shower Gifts

These days, many consumers are becoming more concerned about finding safe products and helping the environment. Many growing companies offer alternatives to mass produced items. When it comes to baby shower gift choices, there's no shortage of products that are safe, environmentally friendly, and socially conscious.

A growing number of companies offer natural toiletries. Burt's Bees, Little Twig and California Baby are some of the companies that make natural baby skin care and bath products. These items are widely available in stores and online. Many mainstream health and beauty companies offer lines of products made from natural ingredients, too. You could also shop at small companies that handcraft toiletries and bath items. It's easy to identify organic and natural products by reading the product labels.

Look for baby bottles that are recyclable and free of BPA. BPA is a chemical used in plastics that has been found to seep dangerous substances into food when it's heated. Glass baby bottles are still an option, too.

Cloth diapers are making a comeback. You can find them in a range of styles, colors, and designs. Most are crafted by entrepreneurial work-at-home moms or family businesses. Accessories to go along with them include diaper covers, tapes, and pins. The new mom may not decide to go with cloth diapers, but it's nice to give her the option.

Gifts that promote conservation and green living are also popular. Choose natural and organic toiletries and clothing for baby. Sckoon is one of many companies that make infant clothing from certified organic cotton. Their products can be found in many online and retail stores. Organic cotton products are made from cotton that is naturally grown and harvested, with no chemicals involved in the production, finishing, and packaging processes.

Socially conscious toys, clothing, and other baby gifts can be purchased online from national and global organizations. Many companies market handmade clothing, toys, and other baby items from artisans in developing countries. A portion of the proceeds goes back to the villages and individuals. Another way to give back is to buy your baby shower gifts at companies that donate a portion of their sales to worthy causes and charities.

Toys that bear the "Made in America" label are also very popular and fairly easy to find. Look for handmade wooden or fabric toys that help develop a child's fine motor skills.

Another idea is to plant a tree for the baby. Many nature organizations will plant a tree in the baby's name and send a commemorative certificate to keep forever. You could also give the parents a seedling or small tree to plant when the baby is born.

A very simple way to give a natural gift is to create a book of homemade baby food recipes.

Giving a safe, natural gift that helps others or the environment is a great way to show your love and concern. And celebrating a new life by giving back will make both you and the recipient feel good.