How to Choose an Inexpensive Baby Shower Gift

Everyone wants to give the perfect baby shower gift, but many baby items are very expensive. Here are some ways to give a great gift on a small budget.

First, look for sales. Baby stores, department stores, and discount stores often have sales on baby Items. Sales will be listed on websites or in mailers that are sent to your home.

It also helps to shop around and check out prices at Internet deal sites and online stores. Large e-tailers like Amazon often sell items at prices lower than you'll find anywhere else-just make sure the cost of shipping doesn't wipe out the savings. Auction sites are another way to find lower priced items. If you have a lot of baby showers coming up, buying in bulk from a wholesale site is another way to get a deal.

Save cash by using coupons. Department stores and large specialty retailers publish coupons fairly frequently. Even if you don't often use coupons, there are many ways to find them. Your local paper will often have a coupon section, either daily or in the larger weekly edition. Many store websites list coupons right on their website, too. If you can't find coupons at any of these sources, look online. There are many sites that allow you to download and print coupons.

One way to give a substantial gift without spending a lot is to give a large assortment of lower priced items. Most baby supplies - thermometers, aspirators, and bibs - cost only a few dollars or less. Buy a bunch of items and package them in a box or gift basket. You won't spend much, but the gift will seem larger because of the wide selection of items.

If you're crafty, use your skills to create a gift that is priceless but doesn't cost much. Some ideas:

  • Knit or crochet a blanket or hat
  • Sew some baby clothes
  • Embroider monograms on low cost blankets or clothing
  • Paint the baby's name on furniture or boxes
  • Make a diaper cake or wreath
  • Create a scrapbook.

With a little bit of planning and legwork, it's possible to give the perfect baby shower gift without spending a fortune.