A Baby Shower Gift That is a Hands-Free Way to Keep Baby Closer

There is one way to ensure the mom-to-be that she'll safely keep her new little one close by at all times - a baby sling. Babies love being held close to their mom as it makes them feel secure and is crucial to bonding. It also gives mom a chance to have her hands free to get other things done guilt-free. They are another option for taking baby on a hike or to a park and other outings.

Mom can move freely and most companies have slings with adjustable features of some sort on their slings. They can accommodate preemie-sized babies to toddlers. Some slings have a ring that adjusts size, and some fold a certain way, or can be rolled a certain way. Some are adjustable by moving a slider or snap to fit just right. The same goes for adjusting the height to the mom or individual who happens to be holding the baby.

Along with a variety of ways to adjust the sling, there are also many fabrics, colors, and prints to choose from. You can go with earth tones like brown and beige, or be bright and colorful with polka dots and festive prints. Your options of designs depend more on where you get the sling. You also can pick from a few different fabrics. Cotton and fleece are popular and comfortable.

Another great feature some slings offer is they can double as a blanket. Cotton would work best during the summer, and fleece would work best during the colder months. Having this option depends on where you get the sling from.

There are many places online to find these. Although there seems to be a wider variety of styles and features online, there are many department stores nationwide that will also carry at least a couple of slings.

With slings ranging from about $20-50 prices are mostly friendly to the pocket book.