Handmade Baby Shower Gifts

A handmade item is a great option for a baby shower gift. Many handmade items are not only beautiful, but useful.

A diaper cake is a popular baby gift that can also be used as a centerpiece at the shower. Traditional diaper cakes are made by wrapping diapers around a baby bottle. Receiving blankets are wrapped around each cake layer, with small baby items tucked in. Modern boutique style diaper cakes are available in a variety of themes and styles. You can buy a designer diaper cake, but it's also fun and easy to make one on your own.

To make a diaper cake, wrap diapers into individual cylinders, and then secure them together in a cake shape. Alternatively, use one diaper in the center and wrap others around it until one layer of cake is formed. Stack the layers on top of each other until you have the number of tiers desired. Most instructions recommend tying each diaper separately with ribbon, but that creates some work for the parents when it's time to disassemble the diaper cake.

Wrap each layer with wide ribbon or a receiving blanket. Fill the hollow center of the cake with small items like bibs and bath items. Decorate the top with shred and artificial flowers. Top with a stuffed animal or an ornament.

Sock roses are another easy craft project. Roll baby socks into a rose shape, bring the cuff over to keep it in place, and secure to a stem with wire. They can be used in a corsage for mom or to top a diaper cake. Use longer stems to create a bouquet that can be wrapped in a receiving blanket or placed in a vase or container.

Some companies sell a bouquet made of onesies, shirts, pants, bibs, hats, and socks that are formed into flower shapes and secured to a base of artificial leaves. With a little creativity, you could make one of these bouquets yourself. Use it to top a diaper cake or present it as a bouquet.

Another fun idea is to create a scrapbook with pre-made layouts for events like coming home from the hospital and the first bath. It's easy to find scrapbook kits if you don't want to do all the design and cutting on your own.

More advanced handmade gifts include knitted or crocheted items, handcrafted wooden toys, plaques, and keepsake boxes.

Any craft you do can probably be adapted to create a gift for baby. And if you are not crafty, it's easy to find artists who put love and care into the products they create. Whether you make it yourself or purchase it, a handmade item is sure to be the hit of the baby shower.