Group Gift Giving Ideas for a Baby Shower Gift

When it's time to purchase a baby shower gift, be sure to choose things that are useful. There are a lot of big ticket baby gear items that offer convenience and durability. Most of these items have high price tags that may be out of reach for new parents. Choosing these items as a baby shower gift will really help. If you can't afford to buy such an item on your own, have several friends or family members purchase the item together.

There are a lot of options available. Look for items that are durable and can be used for a long time. Many cribs convert to beds that can be used when the baby grows into a toddler. Some car seats include two or three items in one unit. They may include a baby carrier that can be removed from the car seat. Another feature on some car seats is the ability to use the base as a booster seat when the child has outgrown the car seat.

A stroller is another item that is a good choice for a group purchase. Like car seats, some have a baby carrier that can be easily added or removed.

A play pen or pack-and-play is a useful item, and parents can usually get use out of more than one. Look for a pack-and-play that can be easily folded up and moved.

A high quality changing table with a built in cover is another great group baby shower gift. Look for one that can convert to a dresser.

Diaper pails, especially the modern versions, offer neatness and convenience. Parents can usually use more than one. The cost of refills can really add up, so if you buy one, get plenty of refills to go with it.

There are more personal items that you can team up on, too. Put together a little booklet of parenting tips and advice, with everyone adding a handwritten or typed page. Make a scrapbook or photo album that starts with pictures of the pregnancy.

A group gift is a great way to show your love and support. It allows you to purchase something the new parents really need without breaking your budget.