Great Exerciser for Baby Shower Gift

Here's an idea for a baby shower gift that'll give baby lot of fun, exercise, and a little break for mom: a Johnny Jump-Up. From about the time they can hold their upper body up (four months or so) many babies have a blast when you put them in this spring-filled pocket that hangs above a door. Not only does it help strengthen their legs for walking later, it may help them to learn what their legs can do with a little help.

These are not necessarily just for the entertainment of little ones - parents and care givers get just as much enjoyment watching the delight of a baby springing around and turning. Just make sure baby is high enough that they don't smash their legs on the floor.

A lot of portability comes with this jumping baby item. They can easily be hung over almost any door as long as there is a solid hinge on the top. All baby jumpers have an adjustable part that allows for lengthening or shortening it based on the height of the door and child. This also makes them portable enough to take to another house or building.

Nowadays some even have a snack tray and or a little rattler toy attached. When you make the purchase you'll have to decide if you want the added feature.

There are many styles and colors to choose from. You can get a popular story book character or a beloved fairytale theme. Pick from flowers, daisies, boats, trucks, and little animals according to whether it's for a boy or girl.

Johnny Jump-Ups are available nationwide at most baby department stores, and smaller retail toy stores that carry baby items. They are also online at many online retailers and smaller mom and pop shops. They vary in price from around $20-$60.