Giving a Layette as a Baby Shower Gift

A layette is a great baby shower gift to give as an individual, or as a group gift. A layette is a complete set of clothing and equipment for a newborn. Today, the number of items in a layette varies, depending on parents' preferences and needs. A layette is sometimes described as items babies need from the first few weeks to the first year.

Generally items in a layette include clothing for the baby - enough clothing for baby to sleep and "play" in for a week. A baby will also need diapers. New babies can use many diapers in a day. When buying diapers as a baby shower gift, remember that most babies grow quickly and will probably not stay in the smaller sizes for long. To choose a brand, get opinions and reviews from experienced parents. You may choose to give a sampling of different brands of diapers so that the new parents can determine which they prefer. Unique ways to give diapers include diaper cakes and diaper wreaths. If the parents choose to use cloth diapers, look for covers and pins to go along with them.

The baby will also need several pairs of socks, and at least one hat-depending on the temperature.

Baby bath items are also part of the layette. Things to get include:

  • Several washcloths
  • One or two hooded towels
  • Baby wash
  • Baby nail clippers
  • Thermometer for the tub

Another useful bath item is a rubber duck, or a bath toy that has a heat sensor on the bottom. If the water is too hot, the sensor changes color, or displays the word "hot."

The baby will also need a few fitted sheets and several blankets. Often the baby will sleep in several different places: the crib or bassinet, as well as a playpen in another room. Make sure you choose the right sizes, and get enough sheets for each space. The parents may also need additional sheets for other caregivers' homes.

For feeding, parents will need lots of burp cloths and some bottles. There are many types of bottles available; try getting a sample of several different kinds.

The gift of a layette includes all the basic items a baby will need, and is a great choice to give as a baby shower gift for new parents.