Give Dad a Baby Shower Gift, Too

When you're buying a baby shower gift, don't forget about the parents. Mom and Dad can use some special gifts that will help them enjoy their quiet time, take care of the new baby, or celebrate their parenthood. Gifts for dad are especially popular if the baby shower is a couples' shower that both mom and dad attend.

There are a lot of whimsical and useful gifts for a new dad. One fun item is a t-shirt that lets everyone know he's a new father. There's a wide selection of humorous "new dad" t-shirts in specialty retail stores and online. A stylish, masculine diaper bag is a useful item that's perfect for fathers on the go.

A gift that allows dad to show off his new baby is a good choice, too. Choose a picture frame that he can keep on his desk, a baseball, tie, or shirt that can be stamped with baby's hand print, or a casting of the baby's feet or hands.

There are also many gifts for dad that are both humorous and useful. One such gift is a daddy tool belt, a popular baby shower gift. It's usually handmade, constructed of cloth with pockets to hold diapers, diapering supplies, gloves, and funny items like clothespins, goggles, and masks to help cope with the hazards of diaper changing. These can be purchased online from a variety of Internet stores, or you could make your own. Just sew up a canvas tool belt, or use a real tool belt. Stock it with baby supplies like pacifiers, teethers, bottles, diapers, and wipes.

Don't forget simple gifts that will allow dad to enjoy quiet time. Think about his hobbies and interests and get something that fits them. Giving dad a baby shower gift is a great way to celebrate his parenthood and to let him know how special he is.