Baby Shower Gift Baskets

Most people associate baby shower gifts with frilly, sweet, and cutesy things. There are plenty of these available, but its the useful and ordinary baby items that new parents need the most and they often dont come in pretty packaging. However, it's possible to present these items in a way that is baby shower worthy.

A diaper cake is a great way to creatively give new parents the number one needed baby item: diapers. It's fairly easy to make a diaper cake, but you can also purchase designer quality diaper cakes online.

New parents also need storage containers, which you can dress up to use as a gift basket base. Fill toy boxes, colorful bins, hampers, and baskets with wrapped bath and grooming products.

Other types of baby gear can be used as a basket, too. A baby tub filled with glittery blue shred and topped with rubber ducks, bath toys, wash cloths, and bath items is both cute and useful. Cribs, bassinets, and diaper bags can all be filled with prettily wrapped items.

Another idea is a baby welcome wagon. Fill a childs toy wagon with gifts. The baby items will be used right away, and the wagon can be used for storing toys now and pulling the child later. The same goes for child-sized chairs, riding toys, and step stools. Use the item as a base to hold gifts. The container can be saved until the child is old enough to use it.

Its easy to find items to fill up the basket. Some ideas: