How to Choose Clothing for a Baby Shower Gift

New babies need a lot of clothing. Parents usually change the baby's clothes quite often to keep him fresh and clean. You can give special outfits, like the one the baby will wear to come home from the hospital, and cute outfits to wear to family outings and events. But what new parents need most are the basics: the clothing that the baby sleeps and plays in every day.

The types and amount of clothing to purchase depend on the time of the year, temperature of the home, space, and how often the parents will do laundry. While most parents can never have too many onesies and sleepers, keep space a consideration. Parents without a lot of closet space may feel overwhelmed if their stock of baby clothes is larger than their storage space.

Think about how often they will do laundry, too, and the type of care the baby will have. A baby who is going to daycare or another caregiver's home will need extra clothes to keep at daycare. A mother who works outside the home, has other children, or has difficulty recovering from a rough delivery may not have the time or energy to do laundry as often as one who is home during the day with only one infant.

The season and temperature of the home is another factor to take into consideration when choosing baby clothes. Parents in a warm home may choose to keep the baby mostly in diapers or onesies. If the home is colder because of air conditioning or cold weather, footed sleepers or nightgowns may be a better choice. Nightgowns have an additional advantage: besides keeping baby warm and covered, they make the task of diaper changing easier.

Some other clothing needs for new babies include hats or sun bonnets, depending on the season, and socks. A winter baby will also need a heavy snowsuit or bunting. Parents who use cloth diapers may also need diaper covers.

There are plenty of choices in baby clothing, and it's a baby shower gift that will be well used and appreciated.