Earth Friendly With Cloth Diapers - The Perfect Baby Shower Gift

Is the bridal shower guest of honor environmentally conscience? One of the best baby shower gifts to offer is a package of specially made cloth diapers. These are not just better for the environment, they are much better on baby's skin. There are no added chemicals in cloth diapers like disposable diapers. They are made from breathable cotton and a variety of other natural fabrics. Some can have a plastic covering attached, or you can fasten a matching plastic covering over the diaper. Many babies with allergies to traditional bleached disposable diapers actually do better with cloth diapers since there are no added chemicals and bleaches.

Say goodbye to the pins that were once used. Now you have the options of using Velcro, snaps, and tabs. They are attached to the diaper in such a way to make sizing more adjustable. No more need to be worried about poking mom or baby.

Many diaper companies also allow you to pick from a variety of designs when going cloth. You can choose from plaid, little bugs, and polka-dots, or you can get cutesy with adorable baby boy and girl prints. You can get frilly with flowers and bows for girls or boyish with boats and trucks. You can be bold with red and purple or hot pink. Some companies even allow you to send a choice fabric for a specially made diaper. However, that can cost extra.

There are many brands out there at many different prices. Not to mention loads of different designs and ways of handling the care of cloth diapers.

These days they have the busy mom in mind, and the mom that wants low fuss diapers. You can pick diapers with special sizing to ensure a comfortable leak-proof fit. Many have a built-in plastic cover to them.

Cloth diapers are environmentally friendly, very stylish, and save money in the long run. They usually can last through a few kids. And if the mom decides they don't work for her and baby, she can re-sell the ones she didn't use, and likely sell the ones she did on a mom-swap forum.

There are many places to purchase cloth diapers - from online retailers to local department stores and baby boutiques.