Choosing a Baby Shower Gift for a Girl or Boy

Most baby items are available in colors and themes that shout "It's a....!" It's hard to avoid the pull of pink or blue, and giving an item that is connected to the baby's gender is a great way to personalize a gift. There are a couple of things to think about before choosing a gender-specific gift. Obviously, you can't buy a gift for a girl or boy of the parents don't know the sex of the baby yet. And some parents prefer to keep things neutral and not go with stereotypical boy and girl colors.

In these cases, "neutral" baby gifts are a perfect choice. In clothing, get basics like sleepers and onesies in neutral green, yellow, and white. If you want to buy some cute special outfits, go with denim or neutral shades. Baby boys and girls both look adorable in denim overalls or a neutral sunsuit.

When choosing prints, patterns or themes for decorations and toys, jungle animals, sail boats, Noah's ark, zoo animals, and other classic nursery images are great both boys and girls.

Many parents are happy to announce to the world that their baby is all girl-or all boy. You can go all out and buy gifts that apply. For girls, look for cute, frilly pastel dresses and clothing. Princesses and flowers are common themes in girl decor, toys, and clothing. You could also buy items in shades of red or purple for girls.

When buying for boys, think blue, green, and things that go-like cars, trucks, and fire trucks. Tools and puppies are other traditional themes in boy items.

A baby bracelet is a traditional and special gift. Choose a simple silver bracelet for boys. Add gemstones for girls. Find out if the new parents plan to get their infant daughter's ears pierced. If so, this opens up a new range of gift ideas. You can buy matching earring and necklace sets, or choose from a variety of themes and stone colors.

Choosing baby shower gifts that are geared towards baby's gender is a great way to celebrate a new little princess, or tough little guy.