Choose a Bassinet for a Baby Shower Gift

One beautiful baby shower gift is a bassinet. They can be used from newborn to about four months, depending on when baby starts to pull itself up. For the first few months, it might be easier for Mom to have baby in a bassinet instead of a crib. It may also feel more comforting to have the baby nearby.

Baby can room-in with Mom for the first few months if it stays in a bassinet. It is smaller and easier to move around than a crib. Then Mom doesn't have to go far for middle-of-the-night feedings. When the baby is upset, it is easier to hear.

Depending on what model of bassinet you pick, there may be a basic shelf basket underneath for blankets and other baby items, or there may be just a stand. There may be more than one shelf basket, and another area for putting toys or blankets.

Another great feature is the rocking motion bassinets offer. Some of them have lullaby and classical music box features attached to the top or side to go along with the rocking. You can find a night light feature in many bassinets, too. This can make it easier to see what you are doing as you tend to baby in the dark. The light has two settings: one dim and one a little brighter.

Bassinets also come with removable wheels on the legs. This is another reason these are so versatile. This makes it possible to move it to another room if needed. You can take the wheels off so it is stationary, or you can put the wheels on to move it.

When you get a bassinet, you'll also want to get a protective mattress cover just in case of leaks. There are specially made plastic covers for these since bassinet mattresses are a lot different than crib mattresses. This way it will last longer.

Along with a protective cover for the mattress, you might consider getting an extra bassinet sheet or two. Like the mattresses, they are also very different than crib sheets. You can get neutral or blue and pink based on the gender of the baby.

One of the best things about getting a bassinet for a baby shower is how beautifully decorated you can get or make them. Patterns to choose from include teddy bears, and animals, zoo animals, cats, or a popular cartoon characters and cute little bugs and flowers. Even with a boy, a large blue bow and a blue veiling is just an adorable option. There are matching bassinet blankets available to go with the bow and bassinet sheets.

The basic bassinets will not have the fancier bow attire to them. But, they can still be elegant without the bow. There are basic but beautiful ones for around $40 with ruffles around the edges and a shelf basket underneath.

The range of bassinets is small, from very simple to a baby's dream palace depending on where you go. Department stores are likely to carry a variety and specialty baby stores may also carry a small selection. You can also find them online, but the shipping can be very expensive. To avoid expensive shipping costs, check to see if ordering it online but picking it up at the store is an option.