An Innovative Baby Shower Gift

When it comes to buying a baby shower gift, the classics are always needed and appreciated. But there are many modern, innovative baby items that new parents are sure to love. Here are a few:

A boppy is a horseshoe shaped cushion that can be used in a variety of ways. The cushion surrounds the baby and keeps him sitting up. They have detachable pieces that go over the baby that he can play with. Boppies are also useful for nursing and holding the baby.

Diaper Genie and other modern diaper pails are great for minimizing odor and making diaper disposal easier.

A great gift for preemies and babies with health issues, as well as for very anxious moms and dads, is a pad that goes under the mattress that measures baby's breathing. If the baby stops breathing, an alarm sounds.

New, vented bottles keep air out, meaning less gas and spitting up for the baby.

Baby monitors can be a big help for new parents. Many modern monitors include video as well as sound.

For quiet naptimes, get a sensor that attaches to the telephone. Parents can turn the ringer off so that it doesn't wake the baby. A light will go on when the phone rings so that mom and dad are aware of it.

There are many other products that make bedtime and naptime more comfortable and easier. A crib spacer can be used to make the crib smaller, so that a tiny baby isn't lost and lonely in a huge crib. There are breathable bumpers and vibrating crib mattresses. Musical soothers attach to the crib and play music and sounds to calm the baby. Some brands display a light show on walls or ceiling, and many can be customized by connecting an MP3 player.

For outings with baby, a shopping cart cover keeps the baby clean and comfortable. There are many types of baby slings that allow parents to wear their baby while keeping their hands free. Jogging strollers help mom and dad keep in shape while taking the baby out into the world.

With modern and innovative baby shower gifts, you can show off your knowledge of trends and gadgetry while giving the parents a gift that will really make things easier for them.